+ Branding & Package Design
+ Photographers: Özge Yel & Hebun Aslan
+ Social Media Management

Bisk, is a continuation of a mother's tradition and labor. The brand, which was established by being inspired by a 30-year experience; brings together ceramic and porcelain products with its modern, minimal and unique designs. We inspired by nature in design process of the Bisk Art Studio, which we are creating brand identity, packaging, photography service and social media management.

Ceramic is a type of art in which four elements of nature are used. The construction process, the raw material of which is soil, shaped with water, cooked with fire and dried when in contact with air. Inspired by this point, we used the idea of four elements as a starting point in the brand story. We aimed for a sincere and funny brand approach. We designed brand identity, color palette and instagram according to this approach.