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Corporate Identity and Packaging Design, Website Design & Application and Photo & Video Service, 2021


Moods & Goods is a brand that offers products for every purpose and fashion, with the motto ‘Products by Mood.’ The need for love accompanies you with the ‘Love and Fondness’ box; if peace your expectation is with the ‘Serenity and Happiness’ box. This colorful brand, appealing to all senses, invites everyone who wants to feel good, who loves nature, values rituals carried down from generation to generation in this lively and useful world.

What did By The Co. do?

Moods and Goods, through which we provide a range of services, was a profound journey for us. We designed very simple yet colorful designs for the brand’s corporate identity, logo design, packaging design, website design and application, and product photography services in order to reach a wide customer portfolio and express himself properly. We completed the first stage of this journey by designing the packaging of gift sets, personal care products, and ritual sets with the sensitivity that it will affect people’s lives, intentions, and emotional states. The Moods and Goods brand, which we still serve, continues to bring its consumers together with different products.

Our inspiration is the Movements of the Moon

The moon’s movements gave us our idea for the Moods and Goods brand, in which individuals select products based on their moods.  It is believed that the moon’s movements are related to people’s heart rhythm waves and have a direct impact on their mood. Based on this concept, we integrated movements of the moon and the emotion color connected with that movement into each letter of the brand name. We intended the brand to be complete with the name and logo design, and we wanted the consumer to have an idea of the items beforehand.