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Corporate Identity and Packaging Design,

Website Design & Application, 2021


When we examine the origins of ceramics, which has been a large part of our everyday lives from ancient times to the present, we see that it is a great discovery that is indispensable in all phases of human history, privileged, respectful of nature, and stands out due to its artistic aspect. Ceramic, the main material of which is soil, entered the daily life of people at a certain stage of world civilization and has been used nonstop until today.

With its natural colors and designs, the X brand is on its way to becoming a brand that lives and keeps alive the elegant world of its creator.


What did By The CO. do?

We proceeded in a simple line in all our designs, taking inspiration from our brand owner’s attitude toward naturalness and simplicity in its products and brand.

Throughout the project, we attempted to create designs suitable for our talented brand owner, Ms. Meltem, to be her personal brand, where we were very impressed with the color and forms of the soil in terms of design.

Our inspiration is “The Four Elemental Forms of the Soil”

Ceramic is a type of art in which four natural elements are used in its creation. There is a construction process in which the basic material is dirt, which is shaped with water, baked with fire, and dried when exposed to the air. The concept of four elements was inspired by this point and was used as a beginning point in the brand story and design processes.