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Corporate Identity and Stationery Designs and Brochure Design, 2021

The Medlook brand, which operates under the banner of Rnc Health Group, wants to make its patients smile with its aesthetic viewpoints while continuing to treat patients with its medical perspectives. Medlook claims to support its corporate identity with art while providing beauty and aesthetic services to its patients.

What did By The CO. do?

We reflect the relationship between medicine and art in all design processes in the Medlook brand, which wishes to work with the mission of incorporating art into daily life. We assisted Medlook with all design stages, including brand identity design and analysis, logo design, and graphic design, so that they could express themselves correctly and genuinely. 

Our inspiration is Art

Medlook, which aspires to reflect aesthetics and beauty in the light of art to its patients and physicians, continues to draw inspiration from art in the design process. The brand’s inspiration comes from Leonardo Da Vinci’s golden ratio lines, which are based on balance and beauty following brand identity and analysis work. The “Golden Ratio,” well-known for its importance in the history of humanity, science, and art, now plays a key role in the story of the Medlook brand.