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Corporate Identity and Social Media Draft Design, 2021


With features such as being able to be done at different times and places, personalized learning, and the opportunity to work on the one hand while receiving a diploma on the other, online education is considered as the education system of the future. With the slogan “Prepare for the Future Today,” “Kur Academy” wants to develop a new understanding of education through its trainings and instructors, which will bring quality to the sector.


What did By The CO. do?

As By The Co, we assisted the “Kur Akademi” family in corporate identity design and created designs for social media shares, which have become vital in mass reach, during the brand design process, which we began with the principle of goal-oriented education.


Our Inspiration is “Compass” as the Guiding Feature of the Trainings and “Clock” with the Theme of Preparing for the Future Today

Since online courses affect many people’s professions and advise individuals who want to make a career transition, we created a design based on the motto of preparing for the future now that combines the metaphor of a compass and the slogan of a clock.

We aimed to make a difference in social media postings by combining the education sectors given with the colors by evaluating the effect of colors in business life.