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Corporate Identity & Packaging Designs, 2021

Izaka Olive Oil brand proclaims its immortality with its strong and tasteful design. Izaka Olive Oil, which was founded on the ambition of young entrepreneur Emre to produce quality and delicious olive oil from the deep-rooted olive trees in his gardens, aims to provide the consumer with an unforgettable flavor. Offering quality and delicious service to its customers, Izaka Olive Oil achieves its brand identity and designs in collaboration with By The Co.

What did By The CO. do?

Izaka Olive Oil began the brand formation and establishing phase with By The Co. designs, with the intention to bring together its deep-rooted past in a bottle. The young entrepreneur’s dreams and expectations had met with the By The Co. team’s mission to create a sustainable and unique brand. We provided services in the areas of brand identity design and analysis, logo and packaging design, graphic design, and printing processes.

Our Inspiration is History

Izaka Olive Oil, which wants to bring quality and delicious olive oil to its consumers, is inspired by the historical past of olives. The olive tree, whose roots are extremely long-lived, stretches its roots deep into the soil in order to find water. The olive tree’s roots, which have a very strong root system, can be kept alive after it is cut or burned, allowing the tree to continue its life by producing new shoots. In mythology and botany, the olive tree, which is reborn from its roots, is known as the “Immortal TREE.” The brand identity, inspired by the historical images of the olive tree, manages to grow by strengthening itself with the meaning of its name. Izaka, which means tasting or being tasted, making you feel taste and pleasure in Ottoman Turkish, achieves the promised taste through its brand line and bottle design, which is powered by its raw materials.