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Corporate Identity & Packaging Designs, 3D Modeling, 2021

HANDS UP was created by two sisters on a story based on their passion for beauty and the energy of scents, transforms cologne, which has been in our lives from the past to the present, into an extraordinary product with the By The CO.  touch. Aiming to drag the consumer into different worlds with its colors and scents, Hands Up formed the brand it aimed with its By The CO. lines and creativity.

What did By The CO. do?

Hands Up, which gained its colorful and joyful identity as a result of the brand identity, logo design, and packaging designs of By The CO.’s modern and dynamic hands,  has a packaging design that adds elegance to its styling when carried in hand, pocket, or bag. By reflecting the traces of its brand identity on the bottle design, By The CO. manages to meet the hygiene expectations of the user in an easy and stylish way.

Our inspiration is Colors

HANDS UP meets with By The CO., inspired by the fun identity of modern lines and the colors of dynamics, takes its inspiration from the colorful scents they wish to smell in their living spaces. The resulting elegant brand identity and logo design creates an outstanding cologne brand that, with its colorful and handy bottle design, has become a part of our life.