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Corporate Identity and Packaging Design, Website Design & Application, 2021

Color & Cool is a brand that produces shoe polish and care products for artists who have a purely artistic perspective and want their sneakers to be personalized; a creative enterprise that aims to offer a user experience that promises to seek your own style against standards.

What did By The CO. do?

As By The Co., we have enjoyed being a partner of Color & Cool since its beginning, and we believe that through delivering services in corporate identity design, logo design, packaging design, web design, and application, we have made great gains in terms of creativity. Working with such forward-thinking brand owners continues to inspire us as By The Co. in our design and implementation processes.

Our inspiration is Pop Art, the Most Colorful Movement in the Art World!

We were inspired by one of the exciting trends, “Pop Art,” as a way of portraying the enterprising, imaginative, and colorful worlds of brand owners who want to reflect the spirit of the brand name to their products. Pop Art trend, just like Color & Cool, was new, different, colorful, and exciting. The brand’s main message is “Be distinctive and innovative!” In accordance with the topic, we designed a fun and unique brand world.