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Corporate Identity and Packaging Design,

Photo Shooting, Website Design & Application, SEO & Google Ads Applications, 2021

Cheesecake Box, a different brand that aims to bring together the delicious “New York” style mini cheesecakes that have been the most popular among the desserts produced in their patisseries for the past 12 years; with qualities like being prepared in mini portions so that more than one type can be experienced and produced in many different varieties with natural materials, Cheesecake Box creates a brand profile that stands out in the sector.

What did By The CO. do?

When we step into the colorful and exciting world of Cheesecake Box; we were transferred to a world where we could walk the streets of New York, view the city’s silhouette in “Art Deco” architectural structures, and eat delicious New York-style cheesecakes with a soft texture and smooth consistency. We captured the energy of our brand owners who are passionate about what they do in our corporate identity and packaging designs to represent this entertaining world. We did an entire brand design that included website design, SEO & Google Ads.


Our inspiration is “New York” and “Art Deco” 

When we combine New York’s fun and cosmopolitan lifestyle, Art Deco architecture, and the delicious world of cheesecake, the packaging designs are inspired by soft colors and a New York silhouette, with unique design elements standing out in product images and on the website, an inspirational brand appeared.