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Corporate Identity Design, 2020

With the creative touch of By The Co. to the corporate identity world, “Atelier Pera” achieved its goal of creating a stylish frame in home textile items with its simplicity and elegant designs…

What did By The CO. do?

We designed an elegant corporate identity and brand world for Atelier Pera in the home textile industry, which has a wide range, in contrast to the traditional hues and styles, by taking a share of history and a robust art movement.

Our inspiration is Old Pera and Art Nouveau

The 14th century “Pera Vineyard” and the most distinctive aspects of Art Nouveau, such as stylized, flat, curved, asymmetrical, and curved shapes, rhythmic patterns, flying hair and feathers, flowers, and vine shoots, were the points we nourished in the brand-building process. The works of pioneer artists from the worlds of art and design, such as Antoni Gaudi and Gustav Klimt, who were the movement’s pioneers, shed light on our production moment. The brand’s icon was inspired by the bird, wing, and fan figures that were popular in the Art Nouveau style.