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Corporate Identity & Stationery Design, Social Media Visual Sharing Design, Website Design + Software, 2021

An identity that brought life into anything it interacts with. With his guiding identity to the parents, Asu Ulutürk Yavuz aims to lead the growth and development of children, causing us to look to the future with hope, Asu Ulutürk wants to bring her consultancy career together under one identity. Asu Ulutürk Yavuz combines its name with its By The Co. lines and creativity in the brand identity it aims for, making the ideals of sincerity and trust a priority in its service.

What did By The CO. do?

Asu Ulutürk Yavuz achieved brand and identity-based brand, logo design, and website designs from its brand and design thanks to By The CO.’s creative and dynamic lines. Asu Ulutürk Yavuz, which sheds light on the future and supports the development and change of parents, who have a significant influence on the personalities of our children, manages to meet its brand value through its By The CO. designs.

Our Inspiration is Asu

The rainbow represents the brand identity of Asu Ulutürk Yavuz, who wishes to reflect her passion for high learning and teaching with her dynamic and colorful identity as a mother who does not forget herself. She transforms her colorful and dynamic personality into a signature in her brand identity and designs. It aims to visualize the themes of hope and children in rainbow designs generated by the reflection and refraction of the sunrays to represent the consulting services provided. By turning her own name and signature into a brand, Asu Ulutürk Yavuz meets the expectation of trust and sincerity.